Alzheimer’s Disease

As a typical neurodegenerative disease, it is the most common form of dementia incurring confusion, disturbance in short-term memory, loss of cognitive function, and mental disorders such as depressions, progressing gradually to death. Amyloid β is useful in measuring Alzheimer’s Disease risk as it is the earliest-detected biomarker that starts aggregating 15-30 years before symptoms start to show. It is possible to delay the progression of the disease by establishing Alzheimer’s disease risk by monitoring biomarkers during the cognitively normal stages, and by taking medication. The effectiveness of medication is known to be higher during the early stage, thus

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Matters



The FIRST BLOOD TEST in the Philippines that detects amyloid beta oligomers, which are major culprits in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Monitoring the progression of mild cognitive impairment

Easy and a value-for-money diagnostic test​

Differential diagnosis of dementias

Evaluation of disease modifying drugs

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