(Oligomerized Amyloid -β Measurement Kit)​

MDS-OAß Test is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay utilizing Multimer Detection System (MDS) and microplate reader with 450 nm filter. This assay is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device designed to detect oligomerized beta-amyloid from EDTA-treated human plasma to aid diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nanotherapeutics CTS​​
(Controlled Temperature Solution)​

Nanotherapeutics devices maintain the optimal healing temperature giving the patient constant cool therapy that reduces pain, swelling, and promotes faster healing.

Keeps temperature constant at 15 C for more than 45 minutes.

Optima Fiberglass Cast & Splint​
Hanarostent GI Metal Stent
Endoscopic Accessories
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Medical Devices and Drug Distributor

Alfamed Care Enterprise is a distributor of medical supplies, devices, equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Alfamed Care is a single proprietor business that was founded in 2017 by Albert and Joy Fajardo. The Company initially focused as a sub dealer and sub-distributor of medical equipment and probiotics respectively. In the same year, Alfamed Care began as an exclusive distributor of PeopleBio Inc. for their product, MDS-AD (Multimer Detection System) which aids in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The product portfolio continued to grow with additional exclusive distributorship contracts from Nanocore Health Corporation, Join Enterprise Co. Ltd., M.I. Tech Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu Vedkang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Alfamed Care is a team of commercial experts in medical devices & pharmaceuticals headed by Mr. Albert D. Fajardo as the General Manager .