Endoscopic Accessories

Endoscopic Hemoclip

  • Rotatable clips design, offering a precise placement.
  • Repeated opening and closing clips.
  • Innovational design of handle lock system and atraumatic tip, avoid damage to scope after releasing clips.
  • Sensitive release system & easy to release the clips

Biopsy Forceps

  • Special sharpness treatment on cups, easier to sample.
  • Innovational 4-bar linkage design, offering an excellent rigidness.
  • Tiny interval between jaws, large occlusal force and outstanding fitness.
  • Smooth jaws, effectively decrease the friction to working channel.
  • Standard cups design with proper sampling capacity & small tissue harm.

Polypectomy Snare

  • Made by high-strength medical braided wire, offering a precise & quick cutting property, as well as an outstanding electric coagulation.
  • Loop rotates synchronously by rotating the 3-ring handle, highly increase efficiency.
  • Standard power connection, compatible with all main high-frequency devices on the market.
  • Ergonomic design of 3-ring handle, easier to hold and use.

Injection Needle

  • Innovational design of metallic tip, efficiently avoid damage to catheter and working channel.
  • Rigid and super-lubricant catheter, easier to pass through the working channel.
  • Unique needle section design, with suitable sharpness and easier for puncture.
  • Ergonomic handle design & easier to operate.

Stone Extraction Basket

  • Innovational handle design, with functions of push, pull and rotation, easier to grasp gallstone and foreign body.
  • Convenient for injection of contrast medium with injection port on handle.
  • Made by advanced alloyed material, ensure good
    shape retention even after difficult stone removal.

Stone Extraction Balloon

  • Innovational design of three lumens (lumens for guide wire, injection and inflation) makes the insertion and radiography easier and more convenient.
  • Three different sizes for each balloon, meets demands of different patients.
  • Equipped with Radiopaque marks on both ends of balloon, convenient for locating under X-ray.
  • Unique design of tapering catheter, improves the insertion into papilla.

Hydrophilic Guide Wire

  • lnnovational triple anti-drop design at hydrophilic tip, with no risk of drop-off.
  • Anti-twist innerNiti core wire, offering an excellent twisting and pushing force.
  • Super smooth PTFE zebra coating, easier to pass through the working channel.
  • Yellow/ Black coating, easier to track the guide wire and obvious under X-ray.
  • Unique design of tapering tip, highly increase the success rate of surgery.